friends turned


was all you were

breaking down people

critiquing their flaws

for your own benefit

with little thoughts

of sympathy

fake is all you are



this ones,

for the people

i called my friends

you left me in the dark

now I’m getting comfort –

from the devil in my head

-xoxo chana

the aftermath

you didn’t say goodbye

it’s nearly been a year

since you’ve been gone

all there is a hole in my chest

that i can’t seem to mend

i watch the tears stream down my face

hoping that somehow you are listening

now im left in the dark

all alone

– xoxo chana

motivation station – why i blog

why do i blog? i blog to

  • i blog to destress
  • i blog to discover my self
  • i blog to lose myself in words
  • i blog to write more
  • i blog to write poetry
  • i blog to make memories
  • i blog to capture moments
  • i blog to discover the unknown
  • i blog to learn
  • i blog to inspire others
  • i blog to be inspired
  • i blog to heal
  • i blog to share my love of writing
  • i blog to express myself

This is one post that I will definitely come back too in the future; especially when I lose motivation or have writer’s block 🙂

why do you blog?

-XOXO chana

another day

its been one of those days

all thats on my mind is – you

i’m sitting here in despair


why you were taken away


if it will ever get easier

as the tears stream down my face

i’m left living through the memory of you

-XOXO chana


shattered self


meant to help one grow and develop

yet you excuse me of changing for the worst

you say I’m different after my trip

all I see is a grown up me

one who has struggled

and grew from pain

you broke me down

shattered me into a million pieces

now I’m sitting here

trying to put myself back together

i’ve tried glue and tape

but nothing seems to work

the only remedy is love

which I have seemed to lost

-XOXO chana