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Bullet Journaling?  

Individuals are constantly coming up with new ways to stay organized and track events. I used to be agenda/planner girl. This was the method I would use to stay up to date. The agenda was usually provided by my school. As a student, I have been using this method for as long as I can remember; I believe I had been using this method for approximately 11 years. But over time, I realized that this traditional method was not for me.

I came across the method of bullet journaling when I was scrolling through YouTube looking at Plan With Me videos. Here’s a brief history on bullet journaling. Ryder Carroll came up with the idea of bullet journaling, as a place to keep track of things. Such as things you’ve done, things you aspire to do, important dates etc. He wanted a flexible system, which is an analog system used to track the past, organize the present and plan the future. This system requires a notebook of your choice and a variety of different pages. The original system designed by Carroll included these pages: key, index, future log, monthly log, daily log and a variety of collection pages.

The purpose of these pages

KEY: signifies what each symbol/ bullet means

INDEX: keep track of the pages in your bullet journal

FUTURE LOG: keep track of future dates in a year at a glance

MONTHLY LOG: keep track of events and tasks in a month

DAILY LOG: keep track of daily tasks and events

COLLECTION PAGES: additional notes and task that are related by a common theme. Examples: Books to read, shopping lists, monthly faves, gratitude logs, etc).

I seem to find myself drawn to bullet journaling for several reasons. Firstly, it allows you to express yourself and be creative in ways that you can not in a planner. With this method, you can design how you want your daily log to look, instead of using a standard layout in a planner. Also, it is very flexible. This method allows you to plan your weeks, in general days and months in a format that is appealing to you. meanwhile, in a planner, you have a set amount of space given to you. Furthermore, by using a bullet journal you have freedom. By this, I mean that you are able to do whatever you want in your bullet journal. The collection page, in general, re going to be different and unique. For instance,  in my bullet journal, I have several journal entries and use it as a scrapbook. I tape in pictures or pieces of my day that I would want to remember down the line. Lastly, this method allows you to bring out the artist in your self. Each page is designed by yourself. To decorate and bring your pages to life, you can use a variety of supplies. Such as pens, markers, paint, washi tape, stickers and more. Don’t worry, there will be a blog post coming up where I talk about my favourite bullet journal supplies 🙂

A page, currently in my bullet journal



                                    How do you guys stay organized? 

-XOXO chana


3 thoughts on “Bullet Journaling?  

  1. I’ve tried bullet journalling so many times but I guess I’m more of a traditional girl. I do like the bullet system, which I’ve incorporated into my traditional planner. Thanks for this post! x

    Valerie //

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