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Red Dress Project.

As you all know this past week was International Women’s day. We recognized all the wonderful and intelligent women in our lives. And I personally strive to be like my mother. She is one of few people I know that is headstrong and passionate. She is the queen in my life. All hail my mama ❤

Anyways, at my school this week we held the REDress project from March 6-10. We brought awareness to the 1,200 missing or murdered Aboriginal women. As well as collected donations from teachers and students. All funds went towards the Native Women’s Association of Canada.

The project is called the REDress project because Indigenous people believe that spirits can only see the colour red. The dresses represent the missing sisters, daughters, mothers, aunts, and grandmothers. A display of Red Dresses will be hanging in the commons.

Furthermore, in the commons, we held an art installation, in which Bethune Students created art that represented the issue. And in the halls there were presentation boards talking about other issues that Indigenous People face on a daily.

Here are a few pictures from the art installation at my school. 🙂


20170309_100252             20170309_100322


-XOXO chana


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