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Staying Organized and Productive

Though we may seem to believe that we are organized because our desk  and room are tidy that is not the case. Failure to organize can lead to unproductive results. SO here are a few tips for you to stay organized and productive. YALL GON SLAY

Get a notebook, planner or journal to keep track of events and important dates.

I am currently using my bullet journal to keep track of important dates such as due dates. As well as I make daily to-do lists.

Check your email

This allows one to be caught up with any news from family members, friends or even professors.

To Do Lists

Like I mentioned, I am an avid to do list maker. As crossing off something you’ll complete gives one a sense of satisfaction. Especially in the morning or night as you will know what you need to complete for the next day. You are getting a head start and are able to plan ahead.


This allows you to get a visual representation of your day, week or even month. This will also come in handy when you start to plan your day 🙂


Yes, you may be hella stressed right now. But stressing is only going to make you more anxious, Instead before starting your task, take 3 simple long breaths. As this keeps your mind at ease.

What do you do to stay on top of your game?

-XOXO chana


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