A Piece of My Heart

Death comes in many forms. Whether it comes unexpected or was expected; the pain is still there. At some point in our lives, we think about death. And how we would like to leave this world. Though it takes someone away – it brings a family together. It is something we all fear. As humans, we never willingly speak about death. It is not something you casually bring up in a conversation.

The past few months have been a struggle. Recently, my cousin – who was more like my brother passed away. Each day it just gets harder. People say with time everything will be fine. But lately, it seems like with each passing day the hole in my heart lengthens. It sucks to know that I will not be able to see Waldo. He was destined for bigger and better things, yet was taken away, way too soon. 

Why was a wonderful person taken away from us at a young age? How does one move on from the death of a loved one? How do you mend a broken heart?

Every day I find myself thinking of waldo and everything he was supposed to be. The hole in my chest will never be filled. All I feel is emptiness as the days pass by.

Along with death comes grief. As a family, you will find yourselves going through several stages. First, comes isolation, then comes anger, bargaining, depression, and finally acceptance. The stages are a never ending cycle. There is no time limit, you can find yourself grieving for a couple months or even your whole lifetime.

After, Waldo’s death I was constantly in a state of shock. Was he really gone? I would keep replaying what happened in my head. I would be sitting down relaxing and then all of a sudden it would hit me. The end result were tears streaming down my face.

There’s not a day that passes by, where I don’t think of Waldo. He is constantly in my mind. He is the voice in my head, that helps me make decisions. Everything I do and plan to do is for Waldo. He taught me to fight for what you believe in and to work hard. And that is what I intend to do. He is my guardian angel ❤

Who is your guardian angel?

-XOXO chana

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