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Current Favourites

Hi everyone, it is time for my current favourites. This list entails everything I have been loving from the past couple of months.


Tim Hortons Iced Lattes


This has been my go to drink at Timmies for the past couple of months. I am so glad Tim Hortons decided to add this to their menu. Their lattes are available in2 flavors, caramel, and mocha 🙂

The Ranch


This TV show is a feel good and up lifting tv show! I finished 2 seasons in 5 days.

Samika Vlogs

This family is the cutest! I have been watching them for the past 3 years and I love every second of their videos 🙂

What products or things have you been loving?

-XOXO chana


2 thoughts on “Current Favourites

    1. Omg girl I love those dark chocolate covered blueberries. They are the bomb. I have been meaning to watch Parenthood but it isn’t on the Canadian Netflix :(. Tarte eyeshadows are on my Wishlist forsake , for now drug store is good for me 🙂

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