how to keep busy when things don’t seem to be going right

We’ve all been through a time when nothing seems to be going your way. All you want to do is just stay in bed, sleep and binge watch Netflix! Although these things may help you – there are definitely other alternatives to ease your mind and soul! Here are a couple things I like to do when nothing seems to workout:


there’s nothing like a good book when your are in a slump and feeling down. a perfect way for you to escape your world for a little while

create art

create something! whether it be a painting, sketch, poem, video or even just simply writing down your thoughts

self care

the perfect remedy to the blues is to take care of yourself and body. go take a bath. put on a face mask and paint your nails!

what are somethings you like to do to not only keep busy but ease your soul ?

– XOXO chana


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