august plan with me

hello loves, im back again with another post – all things bullet journal related.

I usually find my self sticking to simple and easy spreads. but this month I wanted to try something new and incorporate a theme to my spreads. I decided on friends 🙂

august seperator

I included a doodle of the door and picture frame found in Monica and Rachels apartment as well as my take on the central perk logo.

months at a glance

I created these spreads a while back but did not touch them in the month of august. for next month I will probably stick just doing simpler spreads 🙂

have you ever thought about starting a bullet journal?

-XOXO chana


2 thoughts on “august plan with me”

  1. What an awesome bullet journal theme and spread! I’ve tried bullet journaling a few times but I can never stick to it. It gets too time-consuming for me. So I just stick to a regular paper planner that’s already laid out for me.

    Valerie |


    1. aww thank you love <3. yea I completely understand that babe. it can get tedious but I tend to stick to simple and minimalist spreads. a standard planner is also awesome 🙂 -XOXO chana


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