like clockwork 

you disappear a month at a time 

just when I need you most

treating me like I’m delusional

scheming with my family and friends

treating me like I’m just some random girl

putting me through several panic attacks 

here I am

living everyday on the verge of a breakdown

-XOXO chana



here I am

thinking of you

and all that we had

yet no one seems to believe it

i’m stuck replaying memories of you

in the black hole that is is my mind

i close my eyes and all I see is you

-XOXO chana


things to do to make your day better

  • read a book
  • meditate
  • take a break from technology
  • go for a walk
  • drink a big ol’ cup of tea
  • hug someone you love
  • practise gratitude

-xoxo chana


christmas tag

hello friends welcome back! Today’s Christmas Tag post was totally inspired by the Southern Lights Altantic Lights Blog; Go ahead and check out her awesome blog 🙂

  1. What is your favorite Christmas film? Elf and anything on the hallmark channel
  2. Have you ever had a white Christmas? Yes and its the best 
  3. Where do you usually spend your Christmas holiday? I always spend the day with my family in Toronto
  4. What is your favorite Christmas song?  Santa Baby 
  5. Do you open any Christmas presents on Christmas Eve? No
  6. Can you name all of Santa’s reindeer? Sadly no, I only know of Rudolph 
  7. Is your Christmas tree real or fake? Fake. 
  8. What is your all-time favorite holiday food/sweet treat? Hot chocolate and gingerbread cookies
  9. Be honest: do you prefer giving or receiving gifts? Giving. 100%
  10. What would be your dream place to visit for the holiday? A cottage or even just NYC
  11. Are you a pro present wrapper or do you fail miserably? Fail 100%
  12. What made you realize the truth about Santa? Waking up on Christmas morning to find my dad wrapping my presents 
  13. What present are you most looking forward to? Giving or receiving? I actually dont know what i will be recieiving 
  14. When do you start getting excited for Christmas? October after Canadian Thanksgiving 
  15. What’s the best part about Christmas for you? The coziness and hopefully snow 
  16. Favorite holiday scent? I dont have a favourite scent 🙂
  17. You have been granted one Christmas wish. What is it? Health, happiness and success for all my family and close friends
  18. Do you watch the parade on Christmas morning? No
  19. How many ugly Christmas sweaters do you own? 1
  20. Are you a last minute shopper or do you shop over time? Last minute 😛 
  21. Do you enjoy Christmas music? Yesssss love it
  22. Do you experience the post Christmas blues? No

-xoxo chana



tips for your first year of university

  1. Don’t be afraid to ask professors questions
    • Profs are always open to answer your questions – in fact during breaks they take the time to answer any questions you may have
    • Office hours is a great resource for this
  2. Have fun
    • Although it may be stressful don’t forget to have fun.
    • Make time for your self
  3. Don’t procrastinate
    • Leaving assignments until the last day is not a smart idea.
    • This will ensure that you have time to check over your work
  4. Be satisfied with your grades
    • University is not like high school – you will not be getting high grades fairly often
    • In fact, in university, it is fairly common to not do as well as you expected and that is perfectly fine
  5. Get involved on campus
    • This will help reduce your stress and get to know new people

-xoxo chana



motivation station – why i blog ?

why do i blog? 

  • i blog to destress
  • i blog to discover my self
  • i blog to lose myself in words
  • i blog to write more
  • i blog to write poetry
  • i blog to make memories
  • i blog to capture moments
  • i blog to discover the unknown
  • i blog to learn
  • i blog to inspire others
  • i blog to be inspired
  • i blog to heal
  • i blog to share my love of writing
  • i blog to express myself

This is one post that I will definitely come back too in the future; especially when I lose motivation or have writer’s block 🙂

why do you blog?

-XOXO chana



another day

its been one of those days

all thats on my mind is – you

i’m sitting here in despair


why you were taken away


if it will ever get easier

as the tears stream down my face

i’m left living through the memory of you

-XOXO chana



15 Facts About Me


  1. My name is Archana Baleswaran
  2. I am 18 years old.
  3. I am Tamil. Though born and raised in Canada
  4. I am left handed
  5. I suffer from Generalized Anxiety Disorder
  6. I am an introvert
  7. I love to read and write
  8. I am the youngest in my family, with 2 older siblings
  9. I love stationery. On my desk, you can see an abundance of stationery. I am a hoarder ❤
  10. Taylor Swift is my favourite artist
  11. I am not competitive and hate playing sports
  12. My bullet journal is my prized possession
  13. I love making to-do lists
  14. I love tea. tea>coffee
  15. I love having deep and sentimental conversations

-XOXO chana



appreciation post

This post is dedicated to my parents – my king and queen.

Recently, in June of 2017, I graduated from high school. This could not be possible without the love and support of my family. Especially my parents. These two individuals are what motivate and inspire me to work hard.

My father is the most hardworking person I know. Born and raised in Sri Lanka, my father decided to flee Sri Lanka in his mid 20’s. At that time, Sri Lanka was in the middle of the civil war. He fell in love and wanted a better life for his future family. In order to achieve this, he left his home, family, and friends to come to Canada. Once he arrived, he worked his butt off to be able to sponsor his girlfriend (my mom). Soon, he did so and brought over not my mom but also my uncle and a few family friends. After my mother came to Canada. They got married. At this time my father was working multiple


part time jobs to support his wife. Eventually, they had children which brought my siblings and I into this world. Even to this day, my father works endlessly to support us – his family. He works multiple jobs just to keep his family happy.

Now my mother. She is one the most nurturing people I know. My mom made the decision to become a house wife and take care of her family. This idea stemmed from the fact that her mother was always working. My mom wanted to be there for her children in ways that her mother couldn’t be there for her. She did everything she could for us. From waking us up in the morning, bringing us tea in bed, picking us up from school, cooking meals and spending time with us.


One thing I am certain about is that I would not be the person I am today without my parents. They would sacrifice everything and anything for me. Every day I am grateful that God has given me my parents. Individuals who love and support me and all my crazy decisions. Though I am not going to be a doctor in the future, I hope I make you proud.


-XOXO chana