Tips and Tricks to Relieve Anxiety

Anxiety is something that everyone faces, sometime in their lifetime. Whether that be at a young age or when they mature into an adult. But anxiety can affect anyone at anytime. The first time I dealt with anxiety it was the summer of 2013, while I was vacationing in Sri Lanka. Throughout the past 3 years, I have learned ways to deal with anxiety 🙂

1. Relax

Anxiety almost always occurs when you are stressing out. Instead of causing stress on your mind, take a few minutes to relax. This can be done in whatever way you wish, whether it be a nap or just sitting there.

2.  Read a Book

My favourite way to destress or relieve anxiety is reading a book. At any time of the day, one can catch me holding a book. Reading a fictional book allows you to escape into another reality or universe but a little while. This will help keep your mind at ease.

3. Acceptance

Constantly, when one is feeling anxious they tend to push away those thoughts. But they do not realize that pushing away your thoughts only make it worse. As you are not giving it attention to make it go away. When you have a thought you do not enjoy, question it using the 5 W’s and How. This will help make the thought go away

4. Workout

My getting your body moving, you are allowing yourself to focus on something else. As well as working out releases endorphins that lighten your mood. As Like Elle Woods said, “Exercise gives you endorphins. Endorphins make you happy. ”


What do you do to manage not only your anxiety but also stress?

-XOXO chana



Staying Organized and Productive

Though we may seem to believe that we are organized because our desk  and room are tidy that is not the case. Failure to organize can lead to unproductive results. SO here are a few tips for you to stay organized and productive. YALL GON SLAY

Get a notebook, planner or journal to keep track of events and important dates.

I am currently using my bullet journal to keep track of important dates such as due dates. As well as I make daily to-do lists.

Check your email

This allows one to be caught up with any news from family members, friends or even professors.

To Do Lists

Like I mentioned, I am an avid to do list maker. As crossing off something you’ll complete gives one a sense of satisfaction. Especially in the morning or night as you will know what you need to complete for the next day. You are getting a head start and are able to plan ahead.


This allows you to get a visual representation of your day, week or even month. This will also come in handy when you start to plan your day 🙂


Yes, you may be hella stressed right now. But stressing is only going to make you more anxious, Instead before starting your task, take 3 simple long breaths. As this keeps your mind at ease.

What do you do to stay on top of your game?

-XOXO chana


Red Dress Project.

As you all know this past week was International Women’s day. We recognized all the wonderful and intelligent women in our lives. And I personally strive to be like my mother. She is one of few people I know that is headstrong and passionate. She is the queen in my life. All hail my mama ❤

Anyways, at my school this week we held the REDress project from March 6-10. We brought awareness to the 1,200 missing or murdered Aboriginal women. As well as collected donations from teachers and students. All funds went towards the Native Women’s Association of Canada.

The project is called the REDress project because Indigenous people believe that spirits can only see the colour red. The dresses represent the missing sisters, daughters, mothers, aunts, and grandmothers. A display of Red Dresses will be hanging in the commons.

Furthermore, in the commons, we held an art installation, in which Bethune Students created art that represented the issue. And in the halls there were presentation boards talking about other issues that Indigenous People face on a daily.

Here are a few pictures from the art installation at my school. 🙂


20170309_100252             20170309_100322


-XOXO chana


gone with the wind

its was december 26th

when you knocked down the walls of my life

by leaving us – your family

you left without saying goodbye

i hope your looking down on me

you are a legacy that the lord left behind

the memories I have of you are stories I will

tell my children, their legendary uncle

who left this world too damn soon

-XOXO chana




Bullet Journaling?  

Individuals are constantly coming up with new ways to stay organized and track events. I used to be agenda/planner girl. This was the method I would use to stay up to date. The agenda was usually provided by my school. As a student, I have been using this method for as long as I can remember; I believe I had been using this method for approximately 11 years. But over time, I realized that this traditional method was not for me.

I came across the method of bullet journaling when I was scrolling through YouTube looking at Plan With Me videos. Here’s a brief history on bullet journaling. Ryder Carroll came up with the idea of bullet journaling, as a place to keep track of things. Such as things you’ve done, things you aspire to do, important dates etc. He wanted a flexible system, which is an analog system used to track the past, organize the present and plan the future. This system requires a notebook of your choice and a variety of different pages. The original system designed by Carroll included these pages: key, index, future log, monthly log, daily log and a variety of collection pages.

The purpose of these pages

KEY: signifies what each symbol/ bullet means

INDEX: keep track of the pages in your bullet journal

FUTURE LOG: keep track of future dates in a year at a glance

MONTHLY LOG: keep track of events and tasks in a month

DAILY LOG: keep track of daily tasks and events

COLLECTION PAGES: additional notes and task that are related by a common theme. Examples: Books to read, shopping lists, monthly faves, gratitude logs, etc).

I seem to find myself drawn to bullet journaling for several reasons. Firstly, it allows you to express yourself and be creative in ways that you can not in a planner. With this method, you can design how you want your daily log to look, instead of using a standard layout in a planner. Also, it is very flexible. This method allows you to plan your weeks, in general days and months in a format that is appealing to you. meanwhile, in a planner, you have a set amount of space given to you. Furthermore, by using a bullet journal you have freedom. By this, I mean that you are able to do whatever you want in your bullet journal. The collection page, in general, re going to be different and unique. For instance,  in my bullet journal, I have several journal entries and use it as a scrapbook. I tape in pictures or pieces of my day that I would want to remember down the line. Lastly, this method allows you to bring out the artist in your self. Each page is designed by yourself. To decorate and bring your pages to life, you can use a variety of supplies. Such as pens, markers, paint, washi tape, stickers and more. Don’t worry, there will be a blog post coming up where I talk about my favourite bullet journal supplies 🙂

A page, currently in my bullet journal



                                    How do you guys stay organized? 

-XOXO chana


Book Review: A Thousand Pieces of You

“I would love you in any shape, in any world, with any past. Never doubt that.”

A Thousand Pieces of You is an exquisite novel written by Claudia Gray. This is the first book in the Firebird series.  This thrilling fantasy novel features a girl traveling through different dimensions chasing her father’s killer. Marguerite Caine’s parents are physicists, well known for their invention, the Firebird. This device allows individuals to jump into other universes.But when her father is murdered, – the perceived killer is Paul- one of her parent’s assistant’s. She and Theo, chase Paul as he escapes into another dimension. This novel follows the journey that they must take in order to get justice for her father’s death. Throughout this novel, Marguerite encounters different versions of the people she loves. As well as, falls in love and finds the truth behind her father’s death.

First, and foremost, can we talk about the cover? While in the library, this book captivated my attention. At first glance, I knew this novel had to be read! I mean just look at the design and spectrum of colours. AH, this book needs to be on my bookshelf soon. And I will be rereading this book in the future.

This book intrigued me from the start with the killer storyline- her father being murdered. But this book lacked in this storyline and I would have enjoyed it more with an increased amount of this storyline. Do not go in reading this book with the intention of a thriller novel focusing on murder.

One aspect of the book that I loved was the ability of the characters to travel to different dimensions. Though typically these dimensions were different there were many similarities. Firstly, the characters personality and interests tended to be the same. Additionally, Marguerite’s father was dead in her universe but alive in others. Another thing I loved about this book was the change in setting every few chapters as the characters traveled through dimensions. Each world brought a change in reality as the relationships between characters changed.

“Every form of art is another way of seeing the world. Another perspective, another window. And science—that’s the most spectacular window of all “

I do not typically, find myself reading sci-fi, fantasy novels but I am glad I read this one. Though this book is classified as fantasy and sci-fi there is so much romance in it. I am an avid reader of romance novels and this aspect of romance kept me interested throughout the novel. At the beginning of the novel there is only one love interest, but as the novel progresses another love interest is revealed. Causing there to be somewhat of a love triangle. First, there is Theo, the flirtatious lab assistant who accompanies Marguerite’s journey through the different universes. In contrast, we have Paul, the quiet lab assistant who betrayed her family by killing her father. I was not happy with who she picked in the end. But, there are 2 more books; there’s still room for change! I can’t wait to get my hand on the other two books.

One thing I did no expect from this novel was the numerous twists and turns that this book entailed. The layout of the twists and turns were strategically placed and were in favour of the readers. This novel constantly kept me guessing.

This book will have to be one of my favourite February reads. This book leaves you wanting more especially with the shocking reveal at the end. This book only took me a few days to read. I would recommend this book to any avid readers of fantasy, sci-fi or even romance.

Thanks for tuning in 🙂

-XOXO chana





Shades of Our Sisters

I had the opportunity to go to Downtown Toronto, for a field trip to the Shades of our Sisters exhibit held at the Ryerson Student Centre. Luckily, we got the first viewing of the documentaries and the exhibition.

For those of, of you who have not heard about this, I’ll give you some background information. They are a group of individuals working on this project in order to honor the memory of 2 missing and murdered indigenous girls, Sonya Cywink and Patricia Carpenter. This project is an installation which tells the stories of these two young women This project was brought together by eight students from Ryerson University who are working with the Cynwink and Carpenter families.

We were able to view 2 documentaries of both the young women’s lives as well as look at artifacts and memorabilia of these women. This project brought me to tears as we viewed the documentary featuring the families grieving. One distinct part I remember from the documentary is hearing one of Sonya’s poems, it instantly brought me to tears. Throughout the exhibit, there were poems, childhood dolls, clothing, home videos, tapes, and more. Through these items, the viewers received another perspective of the lives of these women. The leaves in the display were designed by students across Ontario.

The viewers of the exhibit received both moose hide and a tobacco tie. The moose hide represents one’s commitment to honour, respect, and protect the women and children in one’s life and to work together with other men to end violence against women and children.  Furthermore, the tobacco ties are thought to signify, prayers as well as a physical manifestation of a prayer.

I am glad that my classmates and I were able to support a wonderful cause. I give my condolences and warmest wishes to the families of these young women.

– XOXO chana



one of those days

tired. depressed. confused.

its one of those days

you’ve got all the feels

preaching the negative

instead of the positive

you must realize one thing

some things are variables

like winter, summer, fall and spring

some are constants

like the sun comes out every morning

and the earth still rotates

on days like these

when you don’t seem to have faith

remember, most importantly you are loved

– XOXO chana


Book Review: The Girl on The Train

The Girl On the Train is a stellar novel written by Paul Hawkins. This modern psychological thriller keeps you on the edge of our seat with each page. This book is written in the perspective of 3 female characters who keep a journal. This novel follows the lives of Rachel, a passenger on a train who keeps up with the lives of a couple on the street she used to live in. But then she finds out horrific news and becomes a key witness. This novel follows the lives these 3 characters, Rachel, Megan, and Anna.

“ I have lost control over everything, even the places in my head ” – Paula Hawkins

The exquisite writing makes all the characters look guilty, causing you to speculate who it could be. This book made me realize that you don’t know someone as much as you thought you did. They are just putting on an act to mask their true self. This book kept me captivated throughout.

There are a variety of characters in this book. Including a chronic alcoholic, a cheater, conflicted wife, perceived murderer husband, jealous ex-wife, therapist and more.

Out of all the main characters, my favourite had to be Rachel. She played the role of an ex-wife who went through so much shit. From trying to get pregnant to ending up divorced from her unfaithful husband. The outcome of this lead to depression, alcoholism, and unemployment. Though she went through quite a few rough patches, she still managed to get through it at the end of the day. She’s also intrusive, but it leads to a great outcome in the end. Lastly, Rachel felt like a real person. I can totally see my self-becoming friends with her. Her flaws were what made her real. Unlike other books, the main character didn’t seem made up and fake. She was someone the reader may find themselves connecting and relating to.

Now, let us talk about the other 2 characters. As for Megan lets just say she’s conflicted in her marriage and life. Though at first, through Rachels perception, Megan is a perfect and model wife. One that Rachel wished she had been. But over time, as readers, we will start to see the perceived perfect character unravel to be the imperfect person we all are. Her marriage is falling apart and not for the reasons one would typically expect. She’s still in love with her husband but her problems are worse than it seems. She’s afraid of children because as a teenager she accidently killed her newborn baby. Dealing with abandonment issues as her first boyfriend fled and her brother died as a teenager in an accident. But let us not forgot about her tendency of having affairs. From sleeping with one man to kissing another. Hawkins did not do the character justice as we did not get to hear a lot about Megan’s perspective as there were not many journal entries written by her. in fact, Megan’s character did not develop instead the opposite happened. Everything went downhill after a couple journal entries.

Lastly, Anna. She was definitely the character I hated the most. She was the devil disguised as the husband stealing demon. As well as a drama queen, who can’t stand Rachel for the stupidest reasons. First off, Rachel did nothing wrong,.Anna was the one who stole Rachels man, lived in Rachels house, and dismisses another’s pain and sorrow. A distinct scene in this book is when Rachel is trying to reveal the person her ex-husband is to Anna, she does not listen. Though there is some slight character development as Anna comes to accept Rachel and wishes all the best for her. I hope that Evie does not turn out like her mother. Let her at least come out a decent human being, unlike her mother.

The story line of the book constantly made me guess who was guilty. Hawkins did an excellent job in making the reader second guess themselves as we learned more about the situation. The person you believe is guilty will change constantly. You won’t believe the number of times I found myself trying to connect the dots and predict who was guilty.

This book is one of the best books I have read this year. I finished this book with shock after the ending of the novel. The ending will leave you with your mouth wide open. Let’s just say TRUST NO ONE. The person you believe you can trust becomes a person you don’t know after shocking secrets are revealed.

If you have read Gone Girl, you will enjoy this book.  I 100% recommend yall to read this novel. This book was a major page turner. Your girl finished this book in 3 days. I would recommend this book to young adult readers or fans of psychological thrillers. This book can be easily compared to Gone Girl though there are some major differences.

Overall: 5/5

– XOXO chana