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Things I Love About Christmas

Hello again, welcome back to the 11th day of the 12 days of blogmas. Todays post is a list of things I enjoy about christmas. I hope you enjoy this snippet about me and get to know me a bit better 🙂

  1. Christmas Lights

I love seeing the decorate houses on my streets and even looking at the various light shows across toronto through social media. Growing up a highlight of my christmas memories is driving around downtown toronto and just the gta to look at the decorated streets and houses.  The creativity is so inspiring, and the light displays are just beautiful. The lights still are my favourite part of christmas 🙂 I the future I aim to be that house on the street with extravagant christmas lights.

2. Snow

Living in Toronto calls for snow in the winter. Every year I wish for a white christmas and it seems like this year that will be coming true. The forecast has snow on the radar tomorrow and I cannot be more happier (even today as I am writing this on christmas eve, it is snowing!!). This year I had many snowball fights with my dad and even built a snowman. Hopefully I can make another one.

3. Gift Giving

Nothing gets me in the mood for christmas like gift giving and seeing my loved ones open up presents. Even if I am not able to spend alot of money on presents I still give my immediate family presents even if its small. Also, typically every year I look forward to secret santa.

4. Christmas movies

I am a sucker for cheesy christmas movies. I started watching the cheesy hallmark movies back in early november. Nothing beats a christmas romantic comedy.

5. Christmas morning

I love the excitement of christmas morning. Waking up to smiles on my families faces and opening presents is definitely one of the highlights of every year. I love being in the christmas spirit.

What do you love about christmas?

-Xoxo chana