darkest days

even on my darkest

I still speak about you

with endearing terms

and spill my heart out

to anyone willing to listen

they say –

If he were the one

he would have ;


been present


they call you:

a wastebucket

a fuc boi


an ass

a cheat –

but I know

in my soul and with everyinch of my heart

the mistakes we were were pure and out of innocence

I need time to grow and bloosom

but I still have faith in

you & us

even when your actions and words tell me otherwise

I miss the old you – the real you

-XOXO chana


depression and anxiety

go hand in hand

like 2 peas in a pod

the endless mood swings

leading to suffocation

from the thoughts in my head

the monster is feeding

off my joy


i’m reminded thats its all in my head

4 individuals keep me grounded

-XOXO chana