the key

6 months 

since I called it quits 

but I still find you on my mind 

every second of every day 


your love was

the key to mending my broken soul 

without you 

i feel lost 

i’m walking

down a dark road 

in the desert 

slowly dying 

starving —


your attention 

but all I hear 

is radio silence 

-XOXO chana


meet me

meet me at midnight

at the spot we first held hands

6 months sober

from your intoxication

no need for AA

because I got my gyals

you’ve had plenty of time

to own up to your mistakes –

apologize for your actions

reconcile what we had

yet each night

your probably with your bois

doing stupid shit

meet me at midnight

one last time

— XOXO chana