february faves

hello , again 🙂 Today’s post is all about my favourites ranging from lifestyle products, technology and books. So grab a cup of tea and read

Technology / Apps

  • Candy Crush Saga

I am fully addicted to this game – perfect for when I am stressed or anxious. Currently I am on level 1496 – so add me and send me lives !

  • Google Photos

It automatically syncs and backs up photos on your phone to your gmail account- allowing you to access all your photos at anytime. And helps you save space on your phone

  • The Pattern

A new social networking app that helps you better understand yourself and connect with others on a deeper level. Simply enter your birthday and time you were born to learn more about your self and those around you.

  • Libby and Overdrive

Service provided by the Public Library system in Ontario (TPL,MPL) which allows you to access ebooks through the library. Perfect for reading on the go

  • Google Tasks

Perfect for planning digitally and making todo lists on the go


Recently, my brother started a new venture and creates youtube videos. I love seeing my brother be passionate about something and his love for editing. Be sure to check him out ! Support the Bales family!


Hosted by a fellow Tamil women – discussing a wide array of topics from Tamil Eelam to Veganism

Hosted by a Tamil guy, who discusses the ins and outs of being a creator in Toronto and speaks about being human.


From Indigo / Chapters – such a sweet and subtle smell thats not too over powering.


  • Lover by Taylor Swift
  • You by Ali Gatie
what having you guys been loving and enjoying ? 

-XOXO chana