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When An Opportunity Arises

Life is short, meaning we need to do what our hearts desires. People say to follow your heart and take your brain with you. Both your brain and heart influence the choices you make. Quite often in life you make bad decisions and rarely make good ones. Though as a result, the choices we make open several new doors in our lives. As you enter a new door, you are given opportunities. This is an endless cycle us we are constantly being given opportunities and issues randomly in our life span. To take a risk or to not a risk? That is the question. 😉 

I have decided to take a risk, by choosing to become a speaker at TEDx Bethune

What is TEDx Bethune? Well, for the past couple of years, annually TEDx Bethune is held ( an independently organized event). It is quite similar to The famously known Ted Talk. This is an event where students are asked to speak and spread ideas to the entire school. results in students ‘speaking out and learning’ new concepts. As well as leads not only students and but also school staff to question themselves and their beliefs. Typically there is one general topic, that students piggyback their ideas and talks off of. 

This year’s topic is gratitude. I have decided to speak about my experience and story of dealing with Generalized Anxiety Disorder. As well as speaking about how I became grateful for all the simple and small things in life. I hope that my Ted talk resonates with at least a few people. 

Ahhh the Ted Talk will be happening on April 4th ! I’m running out of time to prepare. 

Here are is an excerpt from the first draft of my Ted Talk:

” I was just like any teenage girl. Loving family, supportive friends, anxious award and living with flaws I’ve learned to love. Little did I know that my life would be flipped upside down in a span of 6 weeks. I remember the moment I talked to my doctor. At that moment my heart was at ease and my brain was wondering how I would deal with this bombshell everyday.  Now let’s take a step back and rewind to the summer of 2013. My mom and I would be spending 6 weeks of my summer in Sri Lanka. I was cool with the idea until we got to the airport terminal. Saying goodbye to my family got hysterically crying in front of strangers. I would be a thousand miles away from my support system. As soon as we landed I hoped and prayed that the weeks would fly by. The smell was different. The air smelled of smoke, dirt flying everywhere, palm trees in the distance, the sun frying g my skin. All I knew was after I got off the plane everything had changed. No more proper showers, no more toilets, mattresses, Internet or Netflix. Goodbye to my hopes of binge watching a new series. “

What opportunities have you gotten recently ?

-XOXO chana