to the one who got away

though you put me through hell

thank you for being you

thank you for giving me my firsts

first kiss, first boyfriend, first love

in the end you broke me

leaving me to mend my shattered heart


i wouldn’t go back and change a thing

i learnt a lot from our time together

give your partner the right amount of space

never leave a fight unresolved

but also not to easily trust

not everyone will be by your side

and everything inevitably seems to end

i still find my self checking up on you

now it breaks my heart to say

i may have let the one slip away

maybe next time

me and my anxiety

won’t fuck things up

-XOXO chana


would you ?

if I needed your loving

would you comfort me ?

if I needed you

would you drop everything and rescue me ?

if I had disappeared

would you miss me ?

if I was stuck in jail

would you bail me out ?

if I were breathing my last breath

in my final moments

would you rush to pay me a visit ?

if I were gone

would you visit my grave?

-XOXO chana


story of us

i try

my best to

forget the story of us

but somehow

you have a hold on me

here I am thinking of you

when all I want is

to forget you

-XOXO chana


other girl

my mind takes me back to when we first met

the days we would talk for hours on end

me sneaking out to see you

the days you held me close

now you call me names and think I’m crazy

you tell me that you had another girl

your the reason for my tears

maybe this isn’t meant to be

maybe I don’t compare to this other girl

maybe just maybe I’m not good enough

-XOXO chana