quarantine files: study with me

due to quarantine and the corona virus situation – my university has transferred all in person classes to online. so i’ve been studying at home. though it has been hard with the plenty of distractions I have been quite productive. here is a link to a study with me video I have created in the past. stay tuned for a new one 🙂

-XOXO chana


simple study tips


Quizlet is both a website and app that is an excellent study tool. It allows you to create your own study sets for any subject and provides a variety of tools to help make studying easier. This app has helped me improve my understanding and knowledge on different topics as you are able to view other peoples study sets. I highly recommend checking it out.

Rewrite your notes

Put your phone away

Go to a local coffee shop

Find a study partner

I hope these tips help you succeed.

-xoxo chana