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Reaction to Evermore

I almost missed day 7 of the 12 days of blogmas, oopss. But without further ado heres todays post :

I’ve been a Taylor Swift fan since, like, forever, practically since grade 2. I was jamming to t-swizzle at such a young age and will forever be a die hard fan of hers. I was so surprised when she dropped Evermore last week! I thought it would be fun share my thoughts on each song. This wont be my first time listening – ive had this album on repeat for a while


“’im like the water when your ship rolled in that night // Rough on the surface, but you cut through like a knife”

This one is definitely a standout on the album, and I really like this one! It’s sleepy and mysterious, just like a willow tree. I didn’t really care for the music video, but I loved this song and is something you can bop along too. the melody is beuatiful

champagne problems

“Your mom’s ring in your pocket // Her picture in your wallet //You won’t remember all my
Champagne problems

The piano melody is really simple but pretty, and I like how the lyrics tell a vivid story. I really like the bridge. I read something that it was about a relationship where one is planning to end it and one brought a ring. The real question is who proposed to her

gold rush

And the coastal town we never found will never see a love as pure as it // ‘Cause it fades into the gray of my day-old tea // Cause it will never be

This one is upbeat and i really like the lyrics to this one. This song has been proposed to be about how she feels about fame. The song starts in a pretty melody, very much dreamlike as one’s becoming a celebrity. She even says: “So inviting, I almost jump in”. Then, Taylor snaps out of that utopia and criticize the seek for fame, or “gold rush”.

’tis the [darn] season

to leave the warmest bed I’ve ever known // We could call it even //Even though I’m leavin’ // And I’ll be yours for the weekend //’Tis the damn season

Thus has got to be my favourite off this album. Its edgy, mature and catchy. It’s about the same girl from a later song, dorothea, which I didn’t make that connection before and now it all makes sense. It is about what happens when Dorothea comes back from Hollywood for the holidays and rediscovers an old flame.

tolerate it

“I wait by the door like I’m just a kid // use my best colors for your portrait

As all Taylor Swift fans know, track 5 is always the most vulnerable song on the album, This song is about the continuous struggle of wanting love from someone who isn’t even paying attention to anything you do for them. A sad song but the story is very deep.

no body, no crime

no, no body, no crime // but I ain’t lettin’ up until the day I die

This is one of the weird tracks on the album. It is an imaginative take on Swift’s part on a true crime story, featuring HAIM band member Este Haim as the center of a missing persons case after being cheated on by her husband. This is one of the song that you need to let grow on you. The track itself is a return to Swift’s country roots


“I was dancing when the music stopped // and in the disbelief, I can’t face reinvention // I haven’t met the new me yet

Despite its appearance, “happiness” has a deceptive title. It’s a classic Taylor track about moving on from a decaying relationship, but acknowledging the bits of joy that existed within a more destructive, hurtful context. It’s ultimately a hopeful song—what was bad was also good at times, and there will be good things still to come.


and if you’re ever tired of being known for who you know // you know, you’ll always know me.”

I like this one! It’s got a fun, playful tune that reminds me another taylor song. It is written and follows the same story line as ’tis the [darn] season (girl who left her small town to chase down Hollywood dreams). This song seems to be told from the point of view of an old hometown lover. This song is also rumored to be about her long time friend, Selena Gomez.

coney island

did I paint your bluest skies the darkest grey? /// did I close my fist around something delicate? // Did I shatter you?

This one was melancholic, sad, haunting and wistful. The imagery of this story is rich with bygone experiences, it evokes a heavy feeling of loss and nostalgia for a past relationship where effort was not equal from both sides. The lyrics are sad and regretful – “did i close my fist around something delicate / did i shatter you?” 


“my pain fits in the palm of your freezing hand // Taking mine, but it’s been promised to another”

This one tells the story of a married woman falling in love with a person who is not her husband, leading to an affair. Joyful, whimsical, lustful, upbeat. One of my favourites on the album.

cowboy like me

“takes one to know one // you’re a cowboy like me // never wanted love // just a fancy car.”

This one has a country feel to it, and reminds me of oldschool taylor. It is a country-style song reminiscent of Taylor’s early days. It tells the story of two people who fall in love through a cat-and-mouse fling. ah another fave.

long story short

“and i fell from the pedestal // right down the rabbit whole // long story short it was a bad time”

It is a brisk-paced overview of the public demonizations that Taylor has experienced since her feud with Kanye West in 2016. However this song offers a confirmation of resolution and peace. It is an ode to Taylor’s current boyfriend, Joe Alwyn and emphasizes that he has always been her “safe place” throughout turmoil. This one is upbeat, happy and hopeful.


“I’d think you were still around // I know better // But I still feel you all around // I know better // But you’re still around

This one was meant to be a tribute to her late grandmother and is so sweet


“yes, i got your letter // yes, i’m doing better // i know that it’s over // i don’t need your closure.”

The lyrics are deep and theres a weird instrumental in the beginning but other than that the song is great. It seems like for some parts she lays on a thick irish accent. This one is rumored to possibly be about Taylors history with Scooter Braun and Scott Borchetta (they were under scrutiny after refusing to let taylor own her own rights to her 6 major studio albums.


“and i couldn’t be sure // I had a feeling so peculiar // that this pain would be for // evermore.”

I loved that she featured Bon Iver, once again. Something about this collab just warms my heart. This track is calming, beautiful and peaceful. The harmonies are also great. It is a meditative piano ballad tracking the narrator’s journey from a seemingly unending period of deep depression and hurt to a place of hope. This song is a personal favourite becuase it gives hope to people suffering battles with mental health. I love it

I loved this suprise album. there will never bee too much taylor.

what are your thoughts about this album

-Xoxo chana